Saturday, September 29, 2012

Perfect Time to Buy a Tallman Pool

Last Saturday was the first day of fall so that means you shouldn't even be thinking about putting in a pool, right??? WRONG!!! It is the PERFECT time to be thinking about getting a Tallman Pool. This time of year, people always seem to have other things on their mind….kids going back to school, the holiday’s coming up, etc. BUT if you would just take a minute to think about it, you’ll see that this is the best time to get a fiberglass pool because, like we said before, people are thinking about OTHER things and YOU can get your pool done quicker than ever AND you’ll have all winter to work on getting it ready for next swim season!

Think about it, when the weather starts to get warm again and you’ll be thinking, “man, I want to just jump in a pool”… and you’ll be able to, your very own Tallman Pool! But, if you wait until the weather starts to get warm and then you think, huh, I think we need to put in a pool, you’ll be sweating until the pool is installed!! And, don’t get us wrong, we’ll want you to call us then too but, WHY WAIT?? Go ahead and get that pool installed so you can be ahead of the game! And, a Tallman Pool wouldn’t make a bad Christmas gift either!!

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